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A little Trash Talk from Polka Dot Sky Software

Feb 23, 2020 10:35:01 AM / by Jess Dravida

We’re nice people here at Polka Dot Sky Software, where we make Citizen Experience software for local governments. But we do like to talk trash, because trash and recycling collection is an important service that every municipality across the US delivers to at least some of their residents and it’s the front line for keeping our cities clean, reducing what is dumped into landfills, and increasing what gets recycled and composted. It’s also a great example of what’s wrong with how local governments communicate with their residents today.

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Why can’t trash be like weather?

Most people today can check the forecast and current weather for their area right on their phones. They can look at it anytime. And their phone may even beep at them sometimes to let them know it’s about to rain or to tell them something else that matters to them that’s specific to their location. (I use a weather app every morning when the kids are getting dressed for school to make sure they have the right layers on.)

Unfortunately, weather apps don’t help you out with information about trash, or recycling, or holiday greenery collection, or bulk trash, or snow removal, or leaf collection, or street sweeping, or water-boil alerts, or whether your car got towed and how to get it back. But our app does.

We’re on a mission

We’re on a mission to make 2020 the year that local governments save residents time and frustration by making it free* for local governments (and HOAs) to give every resident personalized service schedules, reminders and service alerts about trash and recycling collection using our app.

We want everyone to be happy!

  • We make residents happy by giving them a single profile that delivers information they care about, that’s relevant to them, right when they need it. (No more reading 8-page newsletters to find out none of it is relevant to you… unless you enjoy that kind of thing.)
  • We make communication teams happy by making it easy to manage lots of different personalized communications from one place, and to get personal with the residents they serve.
  • We make operations teams happy by eliminating paper processes and automatically delivering actionable information to the right people at the right time, often without any changes to what folks are doing today.

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Why would you offer something awesome for free?

We’re making it easy for cities and counties (and HOAs) to change how they communicate with their residents because we’re obsessed with making the experience you have as a resident of your community easy, efficient, and personalized to you.

And, let’s be honest, it’s hard for local governments to believe how easy it is to launch and maintain our solutions, so it’s a win-win for us to give local governments the chance to experience it firsthand.

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Cool. But I’m not a local government employee or HOA manager.

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Jess Dravida

Written by Jess Dravida

Jess is CEO of Polka Dot Sky Software and a huge fan of stuff that makes daily life easier and more beautiful.