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Keeping Seniors Safe, One Call at a Time

Apr 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jess Dravida

The COVID-19 pandemic is demanding a lot from governments and communities. We’re using our blog to put a Polka Dot SPOTlight on solutions every city can implement to connect with their residents and keep their community safe.

Today we're shining the Polka Dot SPOTlight on Maryland.  

Maryland is using daily automated calls to check in on seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The State encourages all seniors to enroll in the free Senior Call Check program to receive a daily phone call to make sure they are ok, especially during the current stay-at-home order.

With a little help, your community can setup a similar program to keep your seniors safe, too.

Participants in Maryland’s program can choose the time of their daily call. Each senior provides an alternate contact in case they miss a check-in. If the system cannot reach the senior or their alternate after more than three tries, a Welfare Check by local law enforcement may be performed.  (Are you a Maryland Resident over 65?  Learn more and sign up on Maryland’s website.)

Personal is Proactive

With a little help, your community can setup a similar program to keep your seniors safe, too.  Calling seniors daily, and receiving a confirmation from each individual, helps you monitor large numbers of people. This frees your staff to focus on helping those who need you the most.

Our quick-configure Wellness Check campaign is easy to implement.

A well-designed, automated Wellness Check campaign can easily scale to reach out to all of the seniors in your community. Personal profiles for each participant let you see areas on a map where program enrollment is high or low. Location-aware profiles can provide local law enforcement with accurate location information when needed.

Connect the Dots

Launch Your Own Automated Wellness Check program. Our quick-configure Wellness Check campaign is easy to implement.

  1. 1. Select which check-in options seniors can select from (phone, text, mobile app, email)
  2. 2. Review and update our pre-configured business rules and content to match your needs
  3. 3. Pre-load any existing participant information
  4. 4. Launch your program

Launching your program is as simple as adding information about the campaign on your website. You provide a link to our user-friendly enrollment, and we do the rest. All that’s left is for you to market your campaign to encourage enrollment.

Get Started

Engage with your residents with proactive, personalized communications.

  • Our Unified Alerts framework and our quick-configure campaigns can get you up and running in just a few days.  See other COVID-19 response templates.
  • Schedule time with one of our Solution Designers to craft an Automated Wellness Check campaign or to learn more.

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Jess Dravida

Written by Jess Dravida

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