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New Polka Dot Sky COVID-19 response campaigns

Apr 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jess Dravida

Polka Dot Sky Software helps local governments personalize communications for their residents. To help communities better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a set of turn-key solutions that can be launched in as little as a day:

  • COVID-19 test result notifications
  • Post-diagnosis 14-day COVID-19 quarantine follow ups
  • Daily senior Wellness Check calls
  • Opt-in non-emergency alerts and updates

COVID-19 test result notifications

Individuals are nervous after being tested for COVID-19, so alert them right away when their test results are ready. Make that automatic notification even more powerful by providing HIPAA-compliant, secure online access to those results right away. learn more

Post-diagnosis COVID-19 quarantine follow ups

When COVID-19 test results are positive, people without dangerous symptoms often quarantine at home. Let our HIPAA-compliant solution monitor these individuals by securely gathering data from them about their condition every day. Use that data to escalate when a patient's symptoms may require the attention of a medical professional.  learn more

Daily senior Wellness Check calls

During social distancing, seniors may not have their family members close to them. An automated daily check in can provide peace of mind and help your team to identify and respond to seniors in your community who need your help.  learn more

Unified opt-in non-emergency alerts and updates

Your residents want to tell you what information they care about so that you can give it to them. Tailoring your alerts and updates to a resident profile makes it easier to give each person what they need. That means you can send business owners information about business relief and essential workers information about how to stay safe and know it is getting to the right people.  learn more

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Jess Dravida

Written by Jess Dravida

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