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Unified Service Updates

Apr 21, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jess Dravida

When we first built our Service Interruptions feature, we were so excited about launching location-aware service interruption alerts that could be set for a route, or even a single block.  We admit, we got a bit geeky about how we could automatically alert folks who lived or worked on effected blocks, service teams serving the routes, and automatically suspending service reminders for effected areas until the interruption was over.

...we hadn't anticipated the question we got a month ago from one of our clients asking how to suspend service for ALL of the blocks.

But I'll admit that we hadn't anticipated the question we got a month ago from one of our clients asking how to suspend service for ALL of the blocks.  That's the moment when COVID-19 changed how we thought about the status of a government service.  All of a sudden, it wasn't about whether a service might be suspended for a few blocks due to construction and how to let specific individuals know what to expect.  It quickly became more about which services weren't modified or suspended and how to keep status information up to date in lots of places at once.

Keep everyone up to date when government services are suspended or modified from a single, unified location.

Personal is Proactive

So, to us, good communication is always personal.  It's thinking about all the people who need information and making sure they'll get it automatically, in the fastest, most efficient format possible. update in one place [keeps] everything up to date, and everyone in the know.

In the case of government service status, that meant an update in one place needed to keep everything up to date, and everyone in the know.  So we made it easy to capture the status of all services in one place and then automatically:

  • Update website home, agency, and service pages 
  • Send messages to folks subscribed in programs about effected services
  • Turn off scheduled service reminder programs for effected services
  • Post updates about service status on social media, and
  • Deliver a daily digest to internal staff

Connect the Dots

If your government is currently updating service status on your website manually, we hope you'll give us a call.  We can help you to launch your own Unified Service Status program in a day or two:

  1. 1. Setup your service list
  2. 2. Configure your business rules (and integrations)
  3. 3. Launch your program

Launching your program is as simple as adding widgets on your website and posting information about any opt-in campaigns you want to offer. We do the rest. 

Get Started

Engage with your residents with proactive, personalized communications.

  • Our Unified Alerts framework and our quick-configure campaigns can get you up and running in just a few days.  See other COVID-19 response templates.
  • Schedule time with one of our Solution Designers to implement a Unified Service Status program today.

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Jess Dravida

Written by Jess Dravida

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